Fave is the one-stop app for finding friend-tested and friend-approved entertainment.

Curate your favorite books, movies, music, food and travel with Fave.

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Read your friends' top ten favorite books, movies, music, restaurants and travel destinations

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Read succinct and honest reviews from people you trust

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Project Summary

Everybody is on the hunt to find the very best but this search comes at a cost. People spend countless hours crawling the web and reading reviews from complete strangers in the hopes that they will find a new favorite. They bounce around from site to site to research entertainment, restaurants, travel destinations and more, all the while losing efficiency and building stress.

Fave is a social recommendation and list-making app that lets users rank their top ten favorites in a variety of genres, read recommendations from their friends and instantly try these recommendations for themselves. Fave is a one-stop shop app for finding the best things that are approved by people you trust.

+ How is Fave different from other review apps?
Fave brings everything you are searching for to one place. With Fave, you can forget about bouncing from one review site to the next in your searches for something new. Fave also uses reviews from your friends so you know you'll be able to trust their recommendations. Finally, the app connects you to places online where you can try faves instantly!
+ Who came up with Fave?
The idea for Fave was developed by Amanda Keuler, a UGA graduate student in the Emerging Media Program. For her capstone, she was tasked with solving a problem using technology. After experiencing frustrations in her own searches, Amanda came up with the idea for Fave.
+ How was Fave created?
Fave is a prototype created with the tool Justinmind. Justinmind lets developers and designers create websites and apps with rich interactions and iOS layouts.
+ How do I see my friends' faves?
When fully developed, Fave will connect you with your friends using Facebook Login for Apps. This feature uses information from your Facebook profile (with your permission) and automatically creates your profile and Friend List. To see your Friend List, tap on the people icon in the lower navigation.
+ How do I add my own faves?
Fave makes tracking and sharing your own favorite things a breeze. To add a Fave, tap on the plus icon in the lower navigation. The app will take you through each step where you can pick a categoy, name your Fave, add a rank, review and photo. That's it! You can also add Faves from your friend's list with a simple tap.
+ How do I try a fave I found in the app?
The Fave app goes beyond just listing favorites. Tap on a Fave to bring up a details window. This pop-up will give you more information about the Fave and give you links to the Fave's website or platform so you can try the Fave as soon as possible.
+ What is the future for Fave?
The Fave app is currently in the concept phase. To bring this idea to market, Fave will need developers and designers to join the team. Let us know if you are interested in joining this project! Future feature ideas include
  • Commenting/Liking Faves
  • Direct Messaging
  • Friend Matching
  • Geo-notifications
  • Public Profiles

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